Fine framework for DSG violations significantly expanded

In the new DPA, the fine limit was increased to CHF 250’000 and the punishable offences were significantly expanded.
In contrast to the EU GDPR, whose fines are directed at companies, fines can only be imposed on natural persons under the DPA.

Your employees who process personal customer data, for example, are permanently at risk of being fined due to “processing errors”.

Have you introduced an internal data protection knowledge management system in your company, so that

– your employees are aware of the provisions of the Data Protection Act
– their special requirements and
– the effects on their work activities

are comprehensively informed.
A data protection knowledge management system and training systems for self-study are of great benefit.

Contact us, because ignorance does not protect you from fines.

Swiss companies are most at risk from cyber attacks

For the second year in a row, the current Allianz Risk Barometer shows that Swiss companies feel most at risk from cyber incidents, such as IT failures, ransomware attacks or data breaches. For your company, the question is not “if” it will be attacked, but “when”, by what means this will happen and how severe […]

The use of personal data in test and development systems is not permitted.

Quite pragmatically, software developments in companies are often tested with a copy from the productive system.
However, this violates the Data Protection Act and the use of data for testing purposes is not permitted.

By using synthesized or anonymized data in conjunction with comprehensive technical and organizational measures, the DSG requirements can be implemented.
However, these protective measures often do not exist in test systems.

What data is used for testing in your company?

Reconcile data protection and systematic testing.

1.5 million WhatsApp user data stolen from Switzerland

After around 550 million WhatsApp user data were stolen and offered on the darknet, the FDPIC reports that 1.5 million users from Switzerland are affected by this data theft.

Currently, users are warned not to reply to chat messages from unknown senders or to click on links.
Special care should be taken when transferring money.

  • Is your customer data fully protected against unauthorized access?
  • Do you have your data protection processes under control?

If you have any doubts, we can work with you to answer these questions.

225 million euros fine for WhatsApp

Messenger service WhatsApp must pay a fine of 225 million euros in Ireland, the Irish data protection authority DPC has ruled. The authority is responsible for WhatsApp because its parent company Facebook has its European headquarters in Dublin. Investigations had shown that WhatsApp had violated European data protection guidelines, writes the DPC. The authority accuses WhatsApp of lacking transparency – among other things, about which data would be passed on to other Facebook companies. WhatsApp said it did not agree with the DPC’s decision. The group wants to appeal against it. (swisstxt)

Proceedings opened against the operator of the platform for a digital vaccination register

Three Years of the EU Data Protection Regulation: “As an entrepreneur, it feels like you always have one foot in prison”.

NZZ, 25 May 2021 The EU law has an indirect impact on Switzerland because it applies to all companies that sell products and services to the EU. The EU has given data protection authorities a powerful tool of enforcement – in particular the possibility of fines, and at a level that hurts even the big […]

The end of the framework agreement with the EU: What does this mean for data protection?

Switzerland has revised its new data protection law and brought it into line with the European data protection law (EU-DSGVO). The EU would now have to recognise the level of data protection here as equivalent, which is actually already overdue.

After the Federal Council broke off negotiations for a new framework agreement with the EU last Wednesday, the question now arises as to the impact on Swiss data protection. Swiss companies now fear that the EU will refuse recognition. This could, on the one hand, prohibit the processing of customer-related data from the EU and, on the other hand, impose new hurdles.

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