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How small and medium-sized companies can easily protect themselves against data protection mishaps

How small and medium-sized companies can easily protect themselves against data protection mishaps Small and medium-sized companies generally have very limited resources for data protection and are also unable to deploy their own specialists for this topic. But how can I still protect myself against expensive legal disputes and data protection violations under the GDPR […]

Claim for damages by an applicant

A company does not have much time to respond to data protection requests. If a former applicant wants to know whether their data has been stored, this must be answered “without delay”. According to the DPA and GDPR, a request for information from an employer must be answered immediately, and in any case within one […]

How do I delete data according to DSG or DSGVO?

According to the Data Protection Act, companies are required to securely delete personal data of customers, but also of employees. This requires a concept according to which the deletions can be carried out in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Since this often involves various applications and databases, a concept should be in place that […]

Is Microsoft 365 data protection compliant?

In Switzerland as well as in Germany and France, Microsoft 365 in particular is currently being criticised by data protection authorities. Last November, for example, the French Ministry of Education banned the use of the free Microsoft 365 offerings in schools on the grounds that they would violate the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU […]

Privacy Shield 2.0 – Trial No. 3 with an unclear outcome

The Data Privacy Framework – or Privacy Shield 2.0 – is the third attempt at a data protection agreement between the EU and the US, following the Safe Harbor scheme and the Privacy Shield. According to the European Data Protection Regulation EU-DSGVO, this new regulation is intended to ensure the protection of personal data transferred […]

Google Analytics – can I still use it?

The use of Google Analytics for the evaluation of access and user behaviour on websites continues to enjoy great popularity. But what about data protection? Can I continue to use this analysis tool without any problems? The answer is: No! After the ruling of the European Court of Justice in July 2020 on the invalidity […]

EU fines now with uniform rules

It is now known that violations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be punished with fines by the data protection authorities of the EU member states: The fines can amount to up to 20 million EUR, or up to 4 percent of the global annual turnover. Up to now, it has been […]