Do you have your data under control?


Data protection and data protection management

  • DSG / GDPR implementation
  • General legal matters
  • Set up Data Protection Management System (DPMS)
  • Design data protection processes

Information security

  • Execute ISMS compliance and governance reviews
  • Implement regulatory requirements
  • Adapt Security Management System
  • Synchronise information security and data protection


  • Select and implement data protection and information security tools
  • Support implementation of deletion concepts (data protection)
  • DSG-compliant test management
  • Data protection knowledge management

How do data-protectors work?

We individually analyze your data protection needs. This is either by mean of a personal conversation or in a readiness check. On this basis, we establish a customized proposal of measures so that you no longer have to worry about your data protection management. Why waiting? Go ahead with your digitization plans.

What does data protection mean to me?

Many people wondering about this question. The new penalties, especially those of the EU Data Protection Regulation, which were set to emphasize the importance of informational self-determination, are often cited. But this is by far not all! Our experience is that in many companies a lot of data waste has accumulated over the course of time. This data waste is the main obstacle of successful digitization in any business, because how do you want to analyze Big Data if the data sources are unclear and the quality of the data is poor? We will be more than happy to explain how this relates to data protection.


We have a multi-modular approach for your company, be it a readiness check, a detailed GAP analysis or even an entire set up of a data protection management system. And of course, we also take care of the implementation into your IT landscape.

Start your project

The economic efficiency of your project is very important to us! Close cooperation with your staff and you is an important step towards efficient and effective implementation.

Your personal service

Each of our successful projects is tailored to our clients, to you. We use a comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your goal quickly and precisely.

Arrange an appointment today in which we will show you solutions on how to implement the new DSG and the EU-DSGVO in your company and benefit from them!

Our areas of expertise

We Data Protectors are not only at home in data protection. We combine our expertise gained in the financial industry, in (implementation) project work and in other compliance topics to get more out of your data protection project

Project management

From our extensive project experience in a wide range of industries, we have a deep understanding of organisational structures and processes, which are indispensable for implementing legal and regulatory innovations in your company in a precise and direct manner. We have a particular focus on banking and insurance, but also on the real estate, services, energy and manufacturing industries.

Data protection

Of course, data protection is (also) a legal issue. But the new regulations, whether it’s the Data Protection Act or the EU Data Protection Regulation, are very much about documentation. Data flows, data protection management processes and even communication with your customers must be documented. We know these challenges from numerous projects and provide you with efficient and effective solutions.

Information technology

Also our home. Whether it’s development, migration, test automation or regulatory requirements for information technology – we are the right contact. And because we can do that and data protection is always a major undertaking in IT, we are there for you here too, guaranteed!


Successful data protection projects


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