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With the entry into force of the stricter General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU area, Swiss companies were also already obliged to comply with the changed regulatory requirements in dealing with personal data in their cooperation with European companies. Most Swiss companies are not aware of the challenges and risks they face. Significantly high fines for companies put data protection at the centre of future compliance challenges.

With the introduction of the Swiss Data Protection Act by 01.09.2023, these stricter data protection rules are now finally coming into the focus of every Swiss company. Those responsible are therefore challenged: They must take a holistic view of the new data protection guidelines in order to implement them cost-effectively and in line with the market. We know from experience that the technical and temporal dependencies of the new Swiss data protection law DSG and EU-DSGVO must be taken into account.

But what does this mean for my company? How should I proceed?

Which data protection laws are relevant for my company?

How we can support you

We have a multi-modular approach for your company, from the readiness check to the detailed GAP analysis to the complete implementation of a data protection management system. And of course we also take care of the implementation in your IT landscape.



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Data protection and data protection management

  • Readiness Check: GAP analysis to determine the delta in the data protection management system.
  • Concept: Customised adjustments in the organisation to meet data protection requirements.
  • Implementation: Accompanying the detailed implementation of the agreed catalogue of technical measures as well as the planning and implementation of the identified IT-technical measures.
  • Überprüfung: Examine the effectiveness and practicability of data protection-related processes.
  • Legal aspects: If required, all legal issues are covered by legal expertise from our network.
  • Education: Online-Trainings for the entire organisation.

Information security

  • Conduct ISMS compliance and governance reviews
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Implementation of Information Security Management System
  • Synchronisation Information security and data protection
  • Online Training Information security


  • Selection and implementation of data protection and information security tools
  • Technical implementation of deletion concepts in IT applications (data protection)
  • DSG-compliant test management
  • Data protection Knowledge management
  • Training IT-Solutions